"My way is the only way"

Some people say there is only one way ...

But I’m not here to tell you what to believe or indoctrinate you with a dogmatic or hippy dippy belief system. I’m here to tell you something that is secret from most.”

-Yogi Ryan


Often intentionally kept secret or simply secret because few are ready to hear it. Why? ...

The techniques used by people who live magical lives are largely unknown to modern people.

I'm sharing the journey, ideas, techniques and ways of living I’ve been blessed to witness. In modern times, we experience a lot of suffering, ingorance, and we also have a lot of jumps in logic. It is truly a unique experience to be around people who, just by being with them, can clear these disturbances and enliven higher potentials.

A Normal Guy Living Fully in The World

Many people think that they need to live in a monastery or under a set of limiting rules to benefit from the wisdom traditions. I’m here to show you that anyone, you, here right now can benefit from these unique understandings of life.

It is not about what you call yourself or living with strict rules, it is more important that we escape our own ignorance.

The one who is on the path of self-discovery is the true yogi, not the one who dresses or acts a certain way.

Here is how you bring happiness and positive transformation.